Quest for Pentavia

In Development

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Release Date: TBA

For years, General Adrian Acosta has been waging war on the Ebers, pushing them farther back into their forests.  He had them on the brink of surrender…but three months ago he went silent.  Ships stopped coming from his outpost, and none of the ships sent there ever returned.

Now you, an ambitious young recruit in the Barcovan army, have been sent to the edge of the known world to investigate.  This is your chance to make a name for yourself - to solve puzzles, fight monsters beyond your wildest imagination, and maybe even save a princess.  But if you aren’t careful, any step could be your last.

Quest for Pentavia is an adventure / RPG hybrid in the style of the Sierra classics.


- Choose from 3 unique classes:  Fighter, Thief, and Mage

- Each class has unique solutions to puzzles as well as an exclusive side-quest

- Mix and match stats from different classes to make your hero completely unique

- Over 100 hand painted backgrounds and portraits