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I shouldn't be writing this.  If anyone finds it, I'll be expelled.  I'll be exiled from Techence forever.  The collectors might even make me uh...disappear.  But I can't shake the feeling that the university is hiding something.
As with any proper scientific inquiry, I'll begin with a working hypothesis:  magic exists.
I know, I know.  It sounds absurd.  It goes against everything I've learned here. 
But if you'd seen the things I've seen here - if you'd seen how our botanists can combine plants, if you'd seen the weapons we have, if you'd seen a ship that can fly - you'd agree with me that anything is possible.  Maybe even magic.

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The Ruin of House Hornbolt

Twenty years ago, an assassin snuck into the castle and plunged his dagger into the king’s heart. Then he vanished without a trace.

A bounty was put on his head. The whole kingdom searched for him for years. But as no clues were found, people stopped looking.

Except Princess Isolda.